Are you worried about Radon?

Texans can no longer receive free radon test kits!

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Worried about your home?  A radon reduction system can be installed and they work.

Do you need to demolish your home?   NO! Radon reduction systems work.

If you are selling your home and are worried because you have radon, mitigate (fancy term meaning make less severe) it and let the buyer know the problem is fixed. The buyers don't know if other homes they looked at have a radon problem. They do know you mitigated yours. This is a great selling point.

If you are living and staying in your home and have radon above the EPA Action level, get it mitigated and you will be fine. We have done many mitigations for doctor's homes also.


From a 1700 SQFT condominium, various size strip malls, a 75,000 SQFT building , and  apartment complexes.

DFW Radon did and can help.  Techniques for mitigating radon in indoor air may also be used to mitigate the intrusion of VOCs into buildings (EPA Vapor Intrusion Mitigation). The techniques for VOCs is a much more involved and advanced  process.

We are located in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area, but we can travel to assist YOU.

We have traveled to Houston, Midland-Odessa,North and South Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Yes, we are insured and certified.

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Our team consists of three radon measurement specialists:                                    Two radon mitigation specialists:

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