Examples of projects:

A home owner in southeast Texas had an odor entering his condominium.  The environmental company determined it was not harmful. DFW Radon assessed the home and installed a sub slab depressurization system that removed the odor.

An 75,000 sq ft building in north Texas was being renovated for a school.  DFW Radon was retained to do a diagnostic evaluation and determine the feasibility of installing and designing a sub slab depressurization system to mitigate Trichlorethlene (TCE) entering the building. Based on the diagnostic data, a four blower system with seven suction points  was successfully designed and installed.

A previously diagnosed building with a VOC problem in south Texas had four systems and four fans recommended. DFW Radon changed it to  one blower to replace the fans. This will result in a savings of approximately $700 per year or $7,000 in ten years.

We have done a strip mall  with  a primary contimate of tetrachloroethylene. This mall had diagnostics and design performed and the system installed in two weeks. Plus, the only unit rented out was not disturbed. 

We have done four buildings in an apartment complex that had a vapor intrusion problem.  Because of the soil conditions and mechanical obstructions involved, we employed pressure field manipulation. 

We have also done several more strip mall where a cleaner was located and buildings where fuel tanks have leaked over the years.

We have designed and installed passive mitigation systems.

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